The Apollo Lift is ideal for new construction or retrofitting. This home lift can easily be incorporated into a two level house for independent living. The Apollo provides for flexibility and diversity as it can be custom built to accommodate the required size and operation needed based on each individual’s needs.

The Apollo concept originates from the concept of using water to hoist a platform and progressed into a lift built primarily for disabled use. Being a custom built lift, it offers the ability to integrate and modify varying operation features and control options from different style buttons to automatic dialling telephone and door operators.

Apollo has the capacity to carry 250kg easily and a travel capacity of of 3.5 meters.

The Apollo is also an ideal solution for tight or confined spaces as its construction can be modified to reduce the size of the lift. The self supporting lift tower also means cladding can be attached directly to the lift.

The Apollo Lift has a number of available cosmetic options to enhance and compliment the decor and design of your home. These cosmetic options can be fitted to the landing doors as well as the fit out of the lift car. The Apollo is jam packed with an array of safety features and is a breeze to install making it the perfect solution for those who require a lift within a restricted budget.

  • Automatic in operation
  • Direct acting hydraulic cylinders (recycled water) with electrical controls
  • Supplied as a complete unit the lift
  • Only a 80mm pit is required
  • Available in either single or dual entry
  • Services 2 levels
  • Simple to use controls
  • Key lockable
  • Tested before being dispatched
  • Complete free standing unit- no load bearing walls required
  • Low running cost/power consumption
  • Single phase 240v power
  • Automatic emergency battery backup lowering system
  • Additional manual lowering facility
  • Internal Phone
  • Emergency Stop and alarm button
  • Infra-red safety sensors across the lift car entrance
  • Key lockable push button controls
  • Hydraulic low pressure detection switch
  • Non return breather


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