BOXlift© is a superior lift with a capacity of up to 2000kg specially designed for use in buildings with high activity and movement of goods between floors. This lift  is available with load capacities of 500, 1000,1500 or 2000kg and offers a range of lift car configurations.

BOXlift© installation causes the minimum disruption to the day-to-day operation of your business, and does not require messy on-site building work in the premises. The installation requires no major construction work inside your building. The BOXlift© comes with its own freestanding modular structure, fully capable of bearing the weight of the whole system. In addition, the BOXlift© installation is relatively fast, within a few weeks after order, your BOXlift© will be in place and ready to start work.

BOXlift© requires no machine room, no shaft headroom and no pit – everything needed for its effective operation is housed within its freestanding structure, including a 100mm shaft pit.

The BOXlift© is an ideal commercial lfit as it reduces your operating costs: its energy consumption is significantly lower than that of conventional lift platforms.

BOXlift© is a long-lasting installation designed to work intensively, reliably and efficiently over many years. It is a robust goods lift, equipped with sturdy and hard-wearing lift cars which guarantee the safe transport of goods. The Boxlift offers a range of options allowing it to adapt to your needs including in-car buffer rails and kick plates, hard-wearing floor finishes in aluminium or steel chequer plate, manual shutter gates, picket gates.


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