Are you looking for a temporary portable wheelchair lift to hire?

Why change venue when you can rent a portable wheelchair lift. Southernlifts can provide an effective and low cost solution where wheelchair access is difficult, and only required on a temporary basis.

Portable wheelchair lifts provide access to stages and platforms for the mobility impaired, and the portability feature makes it possible to provide accessibility in multiple locations with just one, easy to manoeuvre lift.

There are many situations and occasions where wheelchair lift rental can support your needs. Perhaps you need a wheelchair lift for access to an area to facilitate a speaker at a public gathering, such as a stage in a hall  university, school or church function or, an outdoor arena where disabled access is difficult or not currently catered for. One off events such as weddings, birthdays or conferences can be accommodated without any costly modifications. The Mobilift can be hired for rehabilitation or palliative care patients or whilst a more permanent lift solution can be found.

Wheelchair lift hire is the perfect choice to provide accessibility while ensuring the safety of individuals with disabilities. Our Mobilift Portable Wheelchair Lift has a proven track record globally of reliability and safety to support most access requirements and provide a more secure and cost effective alternative to ramps for wheelchairs.

The Mobilift can be transported to your venue or location and easily wheeled into position, manually elevated, then lowered and wheeled away when not in use. It’s is large enough to accommodate electric wheelchairs and most disability scooters.

Ease of Use of our Portable Wheelchair Lift

  • The Mobilift is flexible to use in any residential or commercial settings; no structural modifications need to be made to the building in order to enable use of this device.
  • Our mobile lift does not require power as it is manually operated.
  • There is no special training or expertise required to operate the Mobilift, it’s easy to use and manoeuvre. We provide you with simple instructions and are available to assist you if required.
  • There are simple operating diagrams on the control panel which clearly depict the portable lift’s operating instructions.

The Mobilift arrives ready to use, so the only barrier left to providing access for all of your visitors may be the phone. Why not give us a call to discuss our portable wheelchair lift hire?

Storage and Security

The Mobilift moves and stores easily and quickly to ensure it does not take up space, it’s as easy to move as a shopping trolley. More effective than a portable wheelchair ramp, our portable wheelchair lift easily rolls well over uneven surfaces or obstacles, it suits both indoor and outdoor access needs and has a locking device to prevent unauthorised use.

Portable Wheelchair Lift Hire

Wheelchair lift hire can be arranged for any period of time to suit your needs. Please call us for our hire fees for use of the Mobilift at your outdoor or indoor special events. The Mobilift portable wheelchair lift has proven to be an economical and extremely convenient means of transporting mobility challenged, sick and aged people.

Where can the Mobilift Portable Wheelchair Lift be used?

Wheelchair lift hire is the simple solution for public, commercial, indoor and outdoor disability access needs. Typical use occurs in conference centres and exhibitions. Wheelchair lifts for stairs are also used in schools, universities, halls and outdoor stages and theatres, churches and synagogues. Historic and heritage building often require temporary access solutions as well as senior activity centres.

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