The company owners, Colin Stannard and Andy Watkins, have a combined industry experience of over 40 years. During that time they have been evaluating, researching and installing lifts. They have observed the changes in the market over the years and have always lead from the front with industry standards.

The team at Southern Lifts are proud to be able to provide quality reliable equipment from world class leading suppliers, along with great service to give you what you need at an affordable price.

Southern Lifts has a range of products covering residential lifts, disabled access lifts and commercial lifts with capacity from 2 to 40 people, which are second to none in quality, design and flexibility.

It’s not every day you install a lift and even the thought can often be daunting

Southern Lifts combines experience and know-how with top-quality products, installed with the minimum of fuss and at extremely competitive prices.

As a customer of Southern Lifts you only deal with your personal project manager. They will coordinate all other trades required for installation and ensure the installation process is efficient with minimal disruption.

The Lift Industry

Lifts are changing the way we live our lives. Whether it’s for where we work, where we visit, where we shop or dine, or where we live.

Only a few short years ago, it was very rare that you saw lifts in people's homes. But now things are changing. If you think back even longer it was rare to have an en-suite bathroom, but now it’s expected.

It will be the same with lifts for several reasons.  For one, we are now building more multi storey properties on smaller blocks. Also and probably the main reason is that we are an ageing population. If you speak to anyone in the property business they will tell you that lifts are an asset to properties, opening up the home to a wider range of purchasers who may not have considered multi storey homes due to age and/or health reasons. Many people do not realise that at least 10% of the population have some form of disability.

Lifts of today are tailored to your requirements, priced sensibly & environmentally friendly.

Lifts are an asset to properties

Ask anyone in the property business: lifts are an asset to properties, opening up the home to a wider range of purchasers who may not have considered multi storey homes due to age, health reasons or the need for specialised disabled access.

But don’t think lifts are clunky and boring. Lifts of today are sleek and can be custom made or standard fit, integrated into the design of your home, priced sensibly & environmentally friendly.

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